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 With reference to the personal data supplied by you to SACMI VERONA S.p.A. or otherwise received by SACMI VERONA S.p.A. by means of the above-mentioned web sites (hereinafter “Data”), in accordance with the terms of Article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, we hereby advise you as follows.


This informative note in respect of the handling and/or use of personal data concerns the above web sites only. Individual companies in the SACMI Group independently control the personal data in their possession, and may have issued informative notes on their websites that differ from this one. Therefore, whenever you visit sites other than those listed above it is advisable to read the relevant informative note in respect of the handling and/or use of personal data. This informative note is subject to updates: please consult this web page periodically.

SACMI VERONA S.p.A. (Sacmi Labelling brand), having its headquarters at  Via Dell'Industria, 2/A - 37060 Mozzecane (VR), tel. +39-045-6347511, fax +39-045-6347559, e-mail (hereinafter referred to as “SACMI VERONA”), as holder of your personal data, hereby informs you that personal data supplied in the course of business relations with SACMI VERONA shall be processed for the following purposes: i) fulfilling obligations provided by laws and regulations, and, if applicable, by the EC rules; ii) providing access to reserved areas, information and offers; iii) for fulfilment of contractual obligations and for the purposes of protecting the rights and interests of the Company); iv) processing your requests for technical assistance; v) reply to your candidacies as suppliers of SACMI VERONA, vi) newsletters sending, vii) managing any CVs and offers to collaborate or work with SACMI VERONA that may be forwarded to us.

For the above purposes, your personal data may also be communicated to and processed by other companies in the SACMI Group.

Failure to provide information required in the forms of the above mentioned web site/s, means that SACMI VERONA shall be unable to conclude the commercial transactions and/or carry out the services requested.

SACMI VERONA does not gather and/or process personal data concerning race, ethnic origins, religious or philosophic beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, religious, philosophical, political or trade associations/organisations or any information regarding your health or sexual orientation or behaviour (i.e. so-called sensitive data).

Access to your personal data shall only be given to employees of SACMI VERONA and of SACMI Group companies who are entrusted to process it by the personal data processing holder. You shall be entitled to request the list of said appointed people to SACMI VERONA.

In certain cases it may be necessary to communicate your personal data to third parties (e.g. a carrier). SACMI VERONA shall only supply such third parties with the information strictly necessary for completion of the commercial transactions or supply of services requested and shall not disclose your personal data to third parties in any other way, unless, on a case-by-case basis, you have expressly authorised us to do so.

Your personal data shall not be distributed and/or diffused and/or transferred to third parties and/or used for marketing purposes in any way other than as provided in this informative note.

SACMI VERONA shall only store the personal data you provide for the period of time needed for the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed.

Your personal data shall be processed using both paper and electronic means. Your personal data shall be stored in such a way as to minimise the risk of it being destroyed or lost, and in such a way as to minimise the risk of any access thereto or processing thereof that is unauthorised or that does not comply with the purposes for which such data was collected. Your personal data shall be stored in archives of paper documents which are fitted with locks and/or saved on servers protected by passwords, to which limited access may be gained, and which servers are situated in secure locations at SACMI VERONA’s headquarters indicated above.

Once SACMI VERONA has received your personal data it shall be processed in accordance with the procedures described in this informative note. However, given that security on the Internet cannot be guaranteed, unauthorised third parties might be able to gain access to personal data transmitted by you via the Internet and collect/use it unlawfully. Moreover, as data sent over the Internet may be transmitted outside the national boundaries, even if the sender and receiver are in the same country, then any personal data sent by you via the Internet could possibly be transmitted to a country having data protection standards that offer lesser protection than the standards applicable within your country of residence. SACMI VERONA may not be held liable in respect of the security and integrity of your personal data while it is being transmitted by you via the Internet to SACMI VERONA. In the event that you consider it appropriate to do so for the purposes of protecting your personal data, you may communicate your personal data to SACMI VERONA via other means.

SACMI VERONA uses cookies in sections of its web sites that require recognition of the work session of the registered user in order to protect the security of the account in respect of access to reserved areas and to manage the session variants. SACMI VERONA does not use cookies to collect personal information or any other information relating to the users of the services supplied. Spyware: SACMI VERONA does not use Spyware software. Web bugs: SACMI VERONA does not use Web bugs. Web beacons: SACMI VERONA does not use Web beacons. Access logs: SACMI VERONA’s servers keep a record of visits to SACMI VERONA web sites. Such data is stored on “log files”. Said log files may be used for conducting analysis and research and to carry out internal audits. SACMI VERONA receives the IP address, the operating system and type of browser used by all visitors to its web sites (given that such data is automatically supplied during dialogues in http and/or https protocol each time a user visits a web page). From the moment that you register as an eServices user, your IP address is also saved on the SACMI VERONA registered user database. IP addresses shall be used by SACMI VERONA for the following purposes: i) identifying and solving problems relating to the service or problems of a technical nature associated with IP addresses that are controlled by a particular Internet Provider; ii) limiting access to reserved areas to registered users only; iii) monitoring SACMI VERONA web site use and performance; iv) estimating the total number of visitors to SACMI VERONA web pages.
The terms of this informative note apply to the holding and processing of automatically collected data. SACMI VERONA shall be unable to conclude commercial transactions and/or carry out the services requested without your consent to automatic data collection. In the event you require any further information regarding automatic data collection, you are advised to contact the above-named personal data processing holder.

Links to the web sites of any third parties (including those of SACMI Group companies) are supplied for the user’s convenience only. On connecting to these sites you are advised to read the rules regulating their use and the relating informative note regarding personal data processing. SACMI VERONA does not control such web sites and may not be held in any way liable in relation to said web sites, their content, or the personal data processing procedures that are applied/carried out.

Any possible queries/observations regarding this informative note may be sent to the above-named personal data processing holder. In the event that you believe that SACMI VERONA has not collected and/or processed your personal data in accordance either with this informative note or the relevant legislation in force, then you are advised to contact the above-named personal data processing holder.