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Pressure sensitive high speed with ca...

Pressure sensitive high speed with camera vision system labellers


Opera Pressure sensitive high speed is a self-adhesive labelling machine which perfectly applies self-adhesive labels at a speed of 15,000 to 60,000 BPH, thanks to the HS04 labelling station and the CVS3000 bottle orientation system designed together with the automation division and the inspection systems of Sacmi Imola.

The HS04 Labelling Station was designed and constructed to provide the highest level of technology for the application of self-adhesive labels onto containers of different shapes and materials.
The wedge shaped station makes it perfect for installation on both rotating and linear labelling machines.
More than one adhesive unit can be installed on the same machine, which has two significant advantages:
- Permits the application of more than one label onto the same container
- Permits the parallel installation of several adhesive units for continuous labelling

The CVS3000 automatic vision system guarantees the calculation of the rotation of the bottles and their orientation based on the low relief logo or any other point of reference on the bottle, as well as the subsequent check of the accordingly correct application of the label, at a speed of 1,000 bpm.
Features Values
Max linear speed 150 m/min
Production speed 60.000 bph

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